Meet Rule of Three

We are Rule of Three, three writers from around the globe. Narelle Bitunjac is from Australia, Michelle Birkby is from the U.K. and Christine Duncan is from the U.S. Our name, rule of three, refers to the writing rule that things that come in threes are funnier, more satisfying, or more effective.  We are three different writers, from three different continents with three different points of view. 

The purpose of the blog is to to talk about writing, publishing and whatever we darn well feel like–discussing things like movies, TV, books, and cultural differences.

You can expect to see a new post every couple of days from around the globe as each of us takes a turn.  Christine will post on Monday, Narelle will be writing on Wednesday, Michelle will give her take on Fridays.  Some topics we’ll all want to chime in on, others will be one writer’s thoughts and opinions.  Guest bloggers will pop up some weekends so check back and see what it’s all about.

This week, each writer will introduce herself and tell a little bit about where we are in the writing process.   Writers Rule!  Or should that be writer’s rule?








18 responses to “Meet Rule of Three

  1. What a wonderful group of three you are! I am excited to watch your blog.

  2. What a great idea the three of you working together. I’m so lame about blogging — once a week at the most, sometimes once a month. With three of you, hopefully, you’ll be blogging a little more frequently. I’ll be back to check it out.

  3. Hi Ladies welcome to the blog world!
    I’ll be stopping by often to see what’s happening around the world.

  4. Hey Narelle and others! What a great concept! Looking forward to reading what you all have to say!

    Great idea for a blog!

  5. I love your idea of 3 different ladies, locations, and lives joining together for one collaboration of insight, inspiration, and insurmountable possibilities! I’ll be checking in often and will mention you on my MySpace page.

  6. Hello ladies,

    This looks like a clever subject, fun idea and interesting resource. (Whew got three in there….)

    Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Natalie (aka: TheLiquidMuse)

  7. Hi Ladies – what a great idea. I’m looking forward to reading your blogs. I got the link from the WRW loop.

    Happy Writing
    Mary Ellen

  8. Good look on your new, united venture, ladies. Looks like the three of you have a lot to offer. : )

    Karen Wiesner

  9. Dale Thompson

    Wonderful idea and you’re off to great start. Keep it up and I’ll be here cheering you three on.
    Dale from Mo

  10. Great idea ladies! Thanks Narelle for inviting us QTers along!

  11. Nice idea! With the three of you plus guest bloggers I’m looking forward to reading fresh voices, and some neat networking with writers. Thanks!

    Jerry Waxler
    Memory Writers Network

  12. lisa caballero

    How Exciting.

  13. Hello, I look forward to your blog as well

  14. Hi, Christine,

    What a clever idea, this Rule of Three! Christine, I love your books and your protagonist, Kay. Look forward to getting to know Michelle and Narelle.
    Janet Lane, (Denver, CO)

  15. Thanks, Janet. I’m having a lot of fun–and learning lots from my blogmates.

  16. Roland Bitunjac

    Have not updated my website but just wanted to say i found another bitunjac 😉 msg me im from australia and have had a very interesting life.

  17. I’m loving this blog of yours!

  18. Fun. How do you know each other?

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