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Money and Writing by Christine Duncan

Writer’s Guild writers are going on strike. The headlines about T.V writers wanting more money caught my attention. What exactly do T.V. writers make? I wondered. Not one article brought that one to light.

So then I wondered what do most writers make. A quickie internet search brought me to a Guardian article from October of last year “Most U.K. authors annual incomes still well below minimum wage” and a current article fro the NZ Herald “Kiwi Writers struggling to make a living from their craft.” I could relate although I live in the States.

Fine so what about U.S. writers? I had a hard time finding data. Some of that may be due to the search engine’s pay system of making sure that people who want you to find their stuff get in there first. So a lot of what I found are articles that said, Make money at home, writing! I found a neat report from May of 2016, “May 2016 author Earnings” at that compare indie author sales and best sellers

Then there was a report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics that I immediately dismissed as fiction about the median annual wage for writers and authors being $60,000.00 with half making less.

I think most of us have day jobs and there are a heck of a lot of us writing for way less than that. But here in the U.S. we are not as up front about pay as Kiwi and U.K writers. Either that, or Kiwis and the U.K pay google to get results in the top of the search field.