Fitting It All In by Christine Duncan

It was yet another article in yet another writer’s magazine about how to make time for writing. I’ve read a million of ’em. I’ve tried a thing or three.

I still feel as though I don’t have enough time. And yes, I am aware, that all of us have only 24 hours in a day.

I already watch less TV than the national average. Is it really 5 hours and four minutes? I don’t believe it with an eight hour work day, a commute, dinner to make, kids to tend. How is that possible? I usually fit in about two, at night after dinner when I’m just too tired to move. I check social media at the same time, and usually the weather too, plan the next day’s clothing and dinner, and clean up the dinner dishes during that time too.

I can’t get up any earlier–4 a.m. some mornings, a little later the others. I don’t want to give up any sleep–I’m tired.

I barely fit in my running. How are you doing it, folks? How do you figure out what to cut out? How do you find time to write?

I guess for me, it will have to come down to spending a little time figuring out what I need. Sigh. And figuring what to cut out. That is really the trick, isn’t it?


One response to “Fitting It All In by Christine Duncan

  1. For me, it was surprisingly smoother than I thought. Almost a year ago, we switched cable t.v. providers, which long story short, cut my t.v. viewing by 97% (honestly, this year I’ve watched a grand total of 14 hours of t.v.). About the time I stopped watching t.v. I bought a smart phone and among other things, discovered the wonderful world of podcasts. Couple that with the fact that I decided to start exercising more by walking, which I do on the weekends (to run my morning errands, etc) and short 15 minute walks during lunch, left me time to work on my writing.

    I’m in between projects, but with my last one, I spend about an hour or so at night writing and on the weekends I spent anywhere fro 2 to 5 hours writing.

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