Today the PLR payments come out. The PLR collect all the payments for library loans in the U.K. – roughly around 8 pence per loan. If you register your books with them, they can track the loans and pay you. They can also let you know how many times a book has been lent by a library.

Libraries are special places. They are the places our readers go long after our books have left the bookshop, or if they were never able to afford the books, or if they just want to try out our work before they buy. I’m always overjoyed to see how often my books go out of the library. It means my work is still being read.

It’s not a huge amount of money – but it’s good to get, and it’s good to see authors being paid. If you have books (and they’re going to include ebooks soon) register them with the PLR and make sure you get the benefits of all those library loans

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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