Not Then But Now

I saw a cartoon on Twitter today of a middle-aged man sitting down to draw and saying ‘why didn’t I do this ten years ago’ and the cartoon suggested rather than saying this he should say ‘at least I’m doing this now’

Some of us have been writers all our lives. Some of us knew we wanted to write but didn’t a chance, or inspiration, or time or freedom until we were middle-aged. Some of us never knew we were a writer until much later in our lives.

Awards schemes usually seem to focus in the younger writer – best young writer, best writer under 30 – that sort of thing. But many of us never became writers until long past that age.

Don’t think ‘I should have done this years ago’. Think ‘I’m doing this now. I have waited and now I have time and experience and knowledge and I understand and I am writing NOW.’

That’s what’s important. Not missed opportunities and regrets, but the opportunity to come, and hope.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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