Going Wrong

Sometimes you start a story then a few pages in, you get stuck and can’t see where to go. There are three things to do when this happens
Quit completely

Put the story away for a while

Just keep pushing through and write it.

All have their benefits and faults. Quitting is good if you have something else to turn to, but there’s a danger you’ll just stop writing altogether if you give up on everything.

Putting it away for a while gives your brain time to think about it and you can come to it with fresh ideas but when you return to it you might find your forgotten everything about the story, including what you were trying to do with it.

Pushing through can feel like really hard work and you might wonder why you’re bothering. However, once or twice when I’ve done this, it’s ended up becoming some different and interesting.

I personally think pushing on is better than not writing at all, after all, the perfect story may never just come to us.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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