Escape Christmas


It’s Christmas. The decorations are up, wrapping is taking place, we’re all tempted to have chocolate for breakfast and for half the world, it’s very cold (I see you, Australia, having Christmas sitting by the pool) so I have a challenge for you.

Write a summer story.

Instead of shivering, feel the sun on your skin. Long for iced water, not hit chocolate. Your characters may give a birthday present, but Christmas wrapping is nowhere to be seen. Write yourself far away from the time and place you are in. And when you put the pen down and look up, you should be surprised to see Christmas around you.

You all know what it’s like to be so lost in a story you lose the world around you. It’s possible to do that in writing too. I think now, at such a well-defined and almost stereotyped time of year, it’d be good for us all to escape to summer.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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