Winter by Christine Duncan

It is only the beginning of December so it isn’t technically winter. But it is cold in the house and I’m expecting snow tonight. Tomorrow, I will have to clear the white stuff off the car’s windshield to get to work. So to me it is winter.
So I was cheered to read this quote by Bob Seger. “I write probably 80 percent of my stuff over winter.”
It does feel easier to be creative in winter. I can’t go garden. It’s hard to run outside and although, I run on the treadmill, I get bored and just get the miles over. There are less distractions.
So I hope that you too are seeing this season as a chance to catch up on your reading and writing.
But John Geddes said it better, “I pray this winter be gentle and kind–a season of rest from the wheel of the mind.”


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