Writing Quote by Christine Duncan

I have always wanted to follow Ernest Hemingways’s advice “Write drunk, edit sober.” Unfortunately, I find that when I am drunk I don’t do much of anything. I mean, that is the point of drinking too much, right? And after being drunk, I’m worth even less, as I am sick. So needless to say, being drunk is something I’ve tried to avoid, since I was in college anyway.

But I do get his point, you do want to lose your inhibitions when you write. You want to feel the feelings so you can write them down. You want to say the things you would never really say or do.

But you know, I’ve met a couple of people in critique groups who did that and they scared the stuffing out of me. Really. Not that their work wasn’t great. It was. But how did they ever think of it? And why? I didn’t want to be in a room alone with these folks.

It didn’t take much pondering to decide I needed to be careful what genre my critique group was. But that brought me back to my own writing.

I do want to write the stuff that makes people say, “Yeah, I felt like that.” What to do? What to do?

I guess I fall back on another of Hemingway’s quotes. I write it anyway, believing as he said that “The first draft of everything is shit.” I’ll fix it later, right?


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