Series or Standalone?

Whenever I write a book, I always plan it as a series. I think this is because of my love of television series – I love an ongoing story arc, I love flashbacks to a mysterious past, I love foreshadowing of an event, I love to see characters take years to grow and change.

But sometimes a story only needs one book – it’s not worse, or better, but it just needs that one space for a story to grow. The characters don’t need more than they are given.

It’s not a choice you always make when you sit down to write – but when it’s all finished and published and it’s the shop – do the characters still whisper in your ear? Does one them want to say a little more? Do you need to know what happened next? Do you dream about them? In that case, you may have written a series

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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