Not Alone

Talking to other authors is incredibly helpful. Get ten different authors in a room and you get ten different ways to plot, or beat writers block, or get ideas. And everyone is fascinated by everyone else’s ideas and what’s to try them.

Authors are also the only ones who understand the difficult moments. The urge to edit at 3am. Feeling like you’ll never write another word again. Not being sure what you’ve written is any good. Feeling like a fraud and that someone will find you out any day now. These are feelings are all authors are certain only they feel – and then they meet other authors and realise they all feel like that.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you go to an event for the first time as an author and not just an audience member and you get to talk to the others. Writing is such a solitary occupation but you are also, not alone.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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