Words by Christine Duncan

Words are a writer’s toolkit, so it is no surprise that so many of us are fascinated by them. We roll them around on our tongues, trying them out in our sentences, making sure to select the best.
This week though, I was at a loss for the right word, in more than one instance. It was the anniversary of the death of one of my son’s friends. But anniversary does not sound like the right word for that occasion. One does not celebrate such a time.
Someone suggested memorial but although the connotation is correct, it did not feel as though it told the time the way anniversary does. And yet, I couldn’t find an English word that did. Probably, I was looking so I didn’t have to really think about the real issue.
Another time this week, I was at a loss for words was over the season. It is that very beautiful brief pause where summer has not yet totally left but Fall is not here in full. The leaves are thinking about changing. The day’s high temperature is still in the summer range but it doesn’t stay as long. The day’s low temperature is in the fall range, but again, it doesn’t last. So the mornings are refreshing and the afternoons are warn. There should be a word for this time. Sum-fal, Aut-mer, I don’t know. But there should be something besides Indian summer, which really doesn’t cut it for me. I always thought that one came after you had some really cool fall weather.
Which ever season it is for you, have a good week.


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