I’ve been thinking about doing some videos for YouTube about writing and creativity. I really need to build a website. And of course I continue to do talks. All in the name of publicity.

Of course, artists are supposed to promote our work. Art for arts sake and all that. But artistic happiness alone does not pay the gas bill, and a writer who’s books do not sell will soon find themselves dropped. There was a time when publishers did the publicising, but now you’re lucky to get a poster of them. These days it’s up to the writer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I actually enjoy most of this. I love doing the talks and festivals and meeting people, I enjoy my online presence. If my only job was writing, it would be fine. But I have a day job and consequently only a few hours a day to devote to writing and sometimes when I want to write I have to work on publicity instead.

But be prepared to publicise your own books. I made the mistake of relying on a publisher to do it, and they just won’t these days. Create your own website, arrange your own visits to reading groups, book your own talks. I’m afraid it’s all down to you now…

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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