Read A Book day

Yesterday was Read A Book day, and the general reaction was ‘isn’t that every day?’ which was heartening.

I think it’s important writers read for pleasure. There may be a tendency amongst some writers to only read books as an exercise. They read great heavy portentous tomes not for fun, but because they feel they ought to. They want to see the mechanics of writing. They want to impress. They want to name drop. They want to see what other people are writing. Then they write great heavy portentous times themselves, heavy on the polysyllabic word use, and ten lines long sentence and they find no joy in writing it. And then the reader finds no joy in reading it. It all feels rather mechanical.

But when a writer reads for pleasure, they learn to love words and characters and plots and genres. Then when they come to write, that joy extends itself to their own writing, and their readers feel that joy too.

In other words – read what you enjoy. Then write what you enjoy. Then your readers will enjoying reading your writing.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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