Reading and Writing by Christine Duncan

I am reading The Kite and the String by Alice Mattson. The subtitle is “How to Write with Spontaneity and Control–And Live to tell the Tale.” She makes the point that it isn’t a book about teaching the rules of writing.

I think that is exactly what attracted me to the book.

She reveals a lot about herself in this book, talking in a way that is unpretentious and very informative. For instance, she says subplot is what else is going on in the life of a character. I started to say she defines subplot that way, but even using the word define for what she did is wrong. She just talks to the reader and trusts that you are following along.

It’s rare that I really like a book about writing. Over the time I’ve been writing, there have been tons of raves for this book or that, but I’ve never really understood why for many. I have a few that I love. I’m not done with this one yet, but I’m pretty sure it will end up being one of those.


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