Truth in Our News by Christine Duncan

I was reading an article earlier today about the funding problems Social Security will have in 2034. The article was attempting to be upbeat, and it ended by saying something about how a staggering 36 percent of people say they will not even be affected by this funding problem as they do not expect to rely on Social Security for their retirements.
I spent a lot of time feeling like a loser after I read this. Social Security will certainly be a major part of my retirement. I hope to have other funding (God willing and the Creek don’t rise.) but Social Security is what I will rely on. And most people I know say pretty much the same. How can we be so clueless?
Then it hit me. Many people won’t rely on Social Security because they were teachers or some other sort of public employee and they will get some form of retirement from that. In a bunch of states, people who get that retirement package can’t get Social Security.
I’m not saying the author of the article meant to make me feel clueless, but there was definitely a slant to the article. And the author made no effort to explain that big percentage.
As an author, I try to explain to the reader what is going on and how I get from A to Z. I find it disconcerting and misleading to do less. Journalism used to be known for exposing truth. Now it appears we have to examine the smallest amount of information that comes our way.


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