Writer’s Retreat or Writers Retreat?

Recently I have been watching “Alone” and I have decided once again, that all of life is a mind game. If you haven’t seen the program, the gist is that 10 people are dropped off on Vancouver Island with some survival gear, and the prize goes to the one who can stick it out the longest.

They have to build shelters, gather food, figure out how to keep fire going and keep themselves safe from the wild life. Yet the guys on the program (I haven’t seen any women on this program yet) seem very aware that they have to battle their own heads as much as Mother Nature as they can get bored, miss their families or just talk themselves out of being there. They have to keep their heads busy with other stuff or they will tap out.

I can’t help but think that aside from the basic survival skills that are necessary, that most writers would have an advantage over the other contestants. Think of it! What would you give to have weeks or even months to work on your work in progress?  Where do I sign up? The only problem is I am afraid of bears.


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