Two heads etc….

I’ve been told I need to make the plot of my latest book more complex and for about ten minutes I had no idea how to do that. Then it all came flooding in – how to do it, what to do, where to put it.

Writing is a solitary occupation but input from other people is needed to stimulate our minds. We need an agent or an editor or a friend to say ‘well, what about this?’ or ‘You’ve left a plot hole there.’

Recently, a rather well-known writer announced that they had asked their editor not to edit as they felt it destroyed their vision. Well, I see their point but however, I find that every book this author has written without an editor is messy, rambling, quite dull and just not up to the standard of their earlier work.

It can feel horrible when you write something you think is quite good but get asked to make changes. A suggestion of improvements translates itself into our heads as ‘this is not good enough and you’re not good enough!’ That’s not what’s happening. We just need that moment of outside input to make our work better.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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