It’s Not Being Nosy If You’re A Writer

See that woman in a blue dress over there? Why do you think she bought it? Was it a special occasion? Is it her favourite dress, or her comfy dress (we all have clothes for those days we can’t be bothered to dress up)? Why did she choose that colour?

Plug your headphones in so everyone on the bus thinks you’re listening to music. Don’t switch the music on. Instead, listen to the conversations around you. Who’s lying? Who’s bored? Who’s in love? Who has a secret?

Sit in the park and watch the dogs. Those dogs really like each other but the owners won’t even talk. Why not? What happened? Will the dogs bring them together?

You got post delivered to the person who lived there before you. What an intriguing name. Why are they getting post from that company? Why haven’t they told them they’ve moved.

In anyone else, all this is nosiness. But for writers, it’s research.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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