Seriously, Another Social Media Hangout? by Christine Duncan

This one came out of the blue. I was flipping through Facebook last week when a writer I used to blog with came out with it. She was missing hearing from people on Facebook and was now going to join MeWe to catch up with them.
Just what I needed, another social media place. I know that as authors we need to keep up with this stuff, but I do not need another place to promote. I still haven’t figured out how or why people promote on Pinterest. I go there of course, but it is more to look at the planters made out of pallets, not because I think anyone wants to check out my book cover there.
As for instagram…forget it folks. I can’t keep up with my family’s pictures there. I have a b-i-g family. Besides, I am famous for taking blurry photos. You can’t promote with blurry photos.
And then there was Triberr. Am I the only one who never got the hang of Triberr? Is that even how you spell it? I went. I joined. I flunked out.
I never even made it to Snapchat.
Sigh. MeWe huh? I wonder if there is a short course.


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