Don’t Forget the Description by Christine Duncan

I witnessed something last week that I found pretty funny. Four year old Max sat screeching in my living room. His seven month old sister, Millie, matched him screech for screech. The two were communicating and Millie was glad.
However their 11 month old cousin Isabelle was not so sure. Apparently Isabelle, who also has an older brother who can and does screech on occasion, was not used to screeching as a form of talking. She sat, lower lip projecting, watching, trying to decide if she should cry or not. Seeing me, smiling, she decided maybe not.
It reinforced a lesson that as a writer, I know, but do not always use. Communication is not always words, or even tone. Sometimes it is more to do with body language. I tend to write quickly, in a hurry to get the essence of a scene down. I have to remind myself to go back and add description. I may add a picture of little Belle, lower lip projecting, to my desktop, as a way of reminding myself. Body language is important too.


One response to “Don’t Forget the Description by Christine Duncan

  1. Yep, I like the advice, “show me, don’t tell me.:

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