This is late, because I’m currently off work and have lost all track of what day it is. However, it does mean that I had chance to read an article by a certain author claiming the novel is dead, and he can’t remember the last time anyone stood around a water cooler discussing a book since Trainspotting.

I think he may be wrong. In fact, I think people talk about books more than ever. I think we are living through a wonderful time for fiction. I think people discuss books eagerly, swap books, analyse the adaptations, recommend books, go to author talks, countdown to releases.

He is running a writing course and is looking for recommendations for books by women and people of colour to add, because he hadn’t thought of any. I think that may be his problem. It’s not that the novel is dead. I think the problem is the novel is not what he thought it was anymore. Now it takes in a huge range of experience written in many different styles. It’s not dead, it just looks a lot different. It has evolved, as living things do.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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