After the Book is Gone

Every time I finish a manuscript and send it off, I have the following thoughts.

⁃ Well, now that’s done, look at all the free time I have!
⁃ I’m going to read all my library books and watch all those movies I kept meaning to watch but didn’t get round to.
⁃ Sleep. So much sleep.
⁃ Wake up in middle of night suddenly realising I forgot one line I meant to put in, and wondering if it’s too late to get that manuscript back.
⁃ Sternly tell myself to stop thinking about it. Eat cake.
⁃ Read books
⁃ Suddenly realise how I can fix a problem in the book. Tell myself to stop it.
⁃ Go for a walk. Get rained on. Arrive home bad-tempered and soaking. Realise that I not relaxing. I am stressed and tense.
⁃ Realise there’s only one thing to do.
⁃ Start the next book.

All that takes me about a week. I’m currently on the chocolate cake stage.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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