Technology by Christine Duncan

Okay, this is not really a writing post–except it is. Although it is possible to write without technology and I fully support that, it is not possible in today’s world to submit something or promote or write this blog without some dependence on a computer, unless of course, you are independently wealthy and can pay someone to do those details.
I am not wealthy.
So this is a technology rant. How is it that updates can affect so many things? I updated Windows–much against my own will but at some point you do have to update. That is when everything else went haywire. The printer wouldn’t print. But would it tell me it was the update? No. It told me it was the toner cartridge. Then it told me unknown error.
I’m not entirely ungeeky. I do know that updates mess things up. So I got that fixed…eventually. Then my internet went down. Yes, I know that had nothing to do with the freakin’ update. It just is that these things all have to occur together. My website went down too. Email was unavailable and the website provider said I was the only one with the problem.
I rebooted the modem. My ISP got their act together. And the day was wasted. Sigh. God save me from more labor saving devices.


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