Word for the Year by Christine Duncan

Pick a word, just one word, and use it to define your year. Crazy, isn’t it?
Yet I’ve done this for a while now and unlike the resolution thing, I have found some strength in this. I flounder a bit every January picking the word. It has to be something that will help when the going is tough. And yet, it should define the joy and adventure that the new year will bring.
I can’t pick just anything.
The word should always point me to my strengths. It should remind me of my blessings; it should help me cope with the down times.
Cope now there is a word, isn’t it? But it doesn’t exactly remind me of the good stuff.
Picture seems like a good word. Picture myself somewhere else. Picture the things I love. Hmm, but no, not quite.
Smile. That one seems fake. Sometimes I don’t want to smile.
Obviously, this one needs work. You would think since words are the writer’s tool, it would be easy.


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