Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

I hope you get lots of notebooks – those lovely posh smooth ones that just beg to have brilliant ideas written in them.

I hope you get pens – gorgeous pens that don’t cramp your fingers and who write smoothly across the page.

I hope you get a printer that actually works. One that doesn’t need coaxing, or begging, or won’t work unless it has exactly the right amount of paper in it, or who’s ink goes from ‘nearly full’ to ‘nope, that’s empty, I give up’ in ten seconds flat at midnight when you have a deadline by five.

I hope your laptop doesn’t quibble about downloading the latest version of your writing software before letting you write.

I hope you get peace and time and space to write.

I hope you get ideas, tons of ideas, wonderful ideas.

And I hope you feel, as a writer and a person, wanted and needed and appreciated, because you are, and we all need that. Cherish and cosset yourself today. We’re fragile souls.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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