Another Shooting by Christine Duncan

I don’t usually comment on these things, because, really what can I add that hasn’t already been said? And yet, as I think about this latest shooting–families in church, little ones shot, and the reactions I’ve seen, I can’t stay silent any more. Last week, here in Colorado, someone walked into a Walmart and started shooting. That one didn’t even make the national news. Apparently he didn’t kill enough people.
I’m seeing people on social media claiming that there is a cover up of the Las Vegas shooting.
And now I am seeing Christian friends on Facebook, promising to bring guns to church, so they can shoot anyone who threatens to shoot. I want to say words fail, but unfortunately, they don’t. But what I want to say will certainly not calm the waters.
And yet, maybe now more that ever we all should be writing about it. Maybe we need a national outpouring to get it across. This is not acceptable. We need change. And that change should not include getting a gun and shooting back at the shooter.


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