Happy Halloween by Christine Duncan

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to a pumpkin patch, driven miles to view the fall leaves and helped carve a pumpkin. I’ve been to Halloween festival, a Halloween maze and a costume party. And I still have yet to greet those trick or treaters.
But I’m trying to remember it all, write it all down. It will be fantastic description in some book someday, when I remember the sweet smell of pumpkin as we carve into it, the gelatinous feel of the pumpkin goop plus seed as we take them out of the pumpkin. The sheer volume of sound of all the excited kids congregating at the festival, all excited about not only their own costumes, (I am a creeper!) but also in awe of the costumes they are seeing. (I saw Mario! I want to be Mario. Did you see Luigi?)
I am having a wonderful fall, and trying to record it all, not just in pictures but in words, so I can share it in some book or story. Wishing you all the same and an awesome Halloween!


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