You Need Your Library

Use your libraries!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, she’s banging on about this again. Well, I will keep on banging on while there are still libraries left in the world because they are precious.

Someone this week said all the libraries should close because no-one uses them any more. He was deluged with replies informing him he was wrong, and he has now changed his opinion, but this is something too many people in power in think. They can buy any book they like, they have Internet access at home, and somewhere warm and safe to sit, and they don’t really believe in stories any way.

Libraries are books. And through those books we learn to live different lives. They open our minds up to people different from us, but also people like us, someone who is different from the world around them.

There’s all those reference books. Not everything can be found on the net. The net is good for short sharp facts, but for deep, indepth telling of history and science and all kinds of facts, you need a good long book.

The librarians are kind and clever and recognise a kindred spirit, someone who needs a book, but are not sure which one. Once they were a kid too, leafing through the books, trying to find their story.

It’s perfect to write. How can you not be inspired with all those words around you.

Free computers to get you online, and as they are library computers they have access to all kinds of research material you can’t find normally.

They support authors. My local library promotes local authors – I’m doing a talk for them soon – and readers can come and meet authors.

There’s this whole movement in politics to run libraries down as elitist and out of touch. They are not. They bring knowledge and experience and advice and help to millions of people who would be lost and alone otherwise. Use your library.

You’ll miss them if they are gone.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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