Female Characters by Christine Duncan

I read Michelle’s blog about female characters and had to chime in. I really think it is difficult for one sex to write about the other and for that reason, I am very careful about reading about a female protagonist written by a man. I think women can also stereotype women but we are less likely to do so.
There, I said it, and it is more than a bit sexist but there it is.
The world is still male dominated.
Really, if you watch a lot of TV or movies, the advent of strong female protagonists has been a fairly recent development. Mary Tyler Moore not withstanding, I don’t believe I saw many strong women in media growing up, let alone women protagonists.
When I look back, a woman as the lead on TV was rare:Cagney and Lacey, Murphy Brown, Roseann.
I recently saw the movie, “The Hitman’s BodyGuard.” Without giving away too much of the plot, I think that there was an effort in the movie to make the women in it fairly strong. But neither had huge parts in the movie, and even though one was an Interpol agent and the other was a throat slitting barmaid, the men did the whole thing without any help. The women’s roles were to add depth to the men’s characters, really.
I’d love to see more books where we are looking at real life. Sometimes the guy is the strong one, sometimes the woman is. There are more women writing now. I can hope.


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