Not Quite So Much Porridge Please

I’m currently editing one book, before I move onto the second draft of another book, I’m thinking about a short story and trying to remember what plot holes I have to plug in current stories and researching two different eras and let’s not forget the essays and interviews I’m supposed to writing and all this whilst doing a day job!

I’m a bit frazzled.

The problem is, the stories don’t stop. I have more than enough to be going on with, but someone will say something and it will spark another story. There is no way to switch this off.

That is a good thing. I never run short of inspiration. But do you know the story of the bottomless porridge pot that got stuck on making porridge until it eventually flooded the whole village? I mean, the porridge was a good thing, but once in a while we need a porridge free day.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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