Dreaded Synopsis

There are many many things I enjoy about writing. Writing a synopsis is not one of them.

I wish I had tips to give you. I don’t. I know they’re not supposed to be longer than two pages. Mine invariably run to three and often to four.

My plots are complex. I grant you that, and trying to get my complex plot into two pages is very difficult. Maybe I explain too much? But if I cut it down to the bare bones I get asked to explain things. And I always leave out something vital.

One line descriptions of my book, I can do. Anything longer and I ramble.

Imagine my utter joy when I read on Twitter that proper grown up authors who have been doing this forever also hate writing a synopsis. It is the bane of our lives.

So I know this wasn’t useful but I thought you might like to know – we all hate it!

I hope that makes both you and me feel better about hating writing the synopsis.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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