Just Writing by Christine Duncan

I read a great post on the business side of writing by Kameron Hurley and I wish I could just discuss it with someone.

I used to be more involved with writing groups. Sisters in Crime, Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers…you know other live bodies out there writing. I don’t do those groups any more for more than one reason, but I miss the chance to discuss stuff like this with people who write. People who don’t write, don’t understand as they believe 1. Anyone can write and 2. Writers have it easy.

It isn’t easy promoting. It’s not the stuff you spend years learning to do. But just when you get good enough at the writing you spent years learning, the publishing world expects that you will get out there and promote. So then you lose the time to do the very thing you spent years trying to do. It’s a circle.


One response to “Just Writing by Christine Duncan

  1. Some of the best things I ever learned about writing came from writing workshops. Even though it’s a solitary activity, it can’t happen in a perpetual vacuum. And you’re right–people often fail to understand that it can be very hard work, writing, especially on-demand writing, which I simply cannot do well.

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