Bad Times

Being a writer can be a disheartening process. I don’t mean the actual writing process.

The publishing industry moves very slowly. They have a tendency, apart from the few, to not see possibilities and just want to go with what has worked before. They don’t pay authors that well. They are reluctant to take a risk. And there are far, far more ‘no’s than ‘yes’s

So how to keep heart? Honestly, I wish I knew. I’m going through a difficult time myself right now and the temptation just to curl up on the sofa, eat chocolate and give up trying to be a writer is huge.

But I still have the stories in my head, and they demand to be told. I can’t get away from them. Giving up is not an option, not because I won’t allow it, but because I CAN’T allow it. It’s not physically possible.

So my plan right now is – take refuge in the stories. They will always be there. And keep going, on and on and on. You may not succeed. But then again, you might not fail either.

The ” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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