Blog Word Counts by Christine Duncan

I’ve been doing a little research on blogs. And I’ve learned that blog writing, like everything else has a spin. For instance, I’ve always been told to keep it short. Two hundred words is a great number for most readers, or so I was told. Shorter is better.

But in a post entitled “4 Statistics Every Blogger Should Know About…”, the author claimed that longer was better and that Google labeled posts of two hundred words as “thin.” Your reader will stay with you if you take the time to write a lengthier post.

But in another post on Slate, entitled, “You Won’t Finish This Article”, author Farhad Manjoo asserts that 38% of the people who land on a page won’t read any of the article. That seems high. So I’m back at the keep it short theory of blog writing.

Until, of course, I do more research and land on this post, “How Long Should a Blog Post Be?” Writer, Marieke van de Rakt, asserts that longer posts rank higher in Google.

So…it took me a little bit, but here is my takeaway. If you are writing a blog post filled with info that people are clamoring for, write as long as you want. They’ll stick with you until they get that key information they need. If you are a marketing type blogger, trying to tell people, for instance, “Buy my book! Buy my book!”–Keep that sucker short.


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