Bookshops by Christine Duncan

Michelle wrote about bookstores in her last post and I was immediately nostalgic. I remember bookstores.

I used to spend hours on weekends in bookstores, happily deciding on my purchases. Our town had a multi level independent bookstore and I loved to go there. My husband and I would often have to search for one another and the kids on other floors as we all spread out. It was the best way to spend a cold winter day.

Now the independent bookstore I love has downsized dramatically and I don’t often find what I want to read there. The nearest other(new)bookstore is miles away and is part of a chain. It too is small, and I mostly go there to purchase books for gifts to kids.

As much as I love ebooks, I am sad. There is a part of life that has been lost with these bookshops and the next generation won’t get that back.


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