More Disappointment with Writers by Christine Duncan

I think there are many of us questioning what we see in the news these days. It is hardly surprising that I would find more reasons to do so. I’m tired of reading between the lines.

Here are some examples Reuter’s story on Friday “Fed’s Mester: Rate hikes are needed since US economy is ‘pretty good'” and then there is this from Mon, June 19th, “Exclusive: Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein on the global economy—‘things are pretty good’” or how about this headline from the Wall Street Journal on June 16th, “Jobless Rate Falls to Record Low in California, Six Other States” We are being told over and over, we’re doing well.

But how about “Credit Card Defaults Hitting 4-Year Highs” That story has been in one financial news source after another since April. That does not reflect an economy that is soaring.

I read a story about income being down here in Colorado in many of our biggest counties, but do you think I could find it to show you here? But I did find this one–not in the Denver Post but in the Durango Herald, “Report shows Colorado’s economic growth is slower than anticipated.” Maybe our economy is not going great guns.

And what about those jobless rates? Do they reflect people like me, who lost a job in the recession and who now only work part time (and thus aren’t on unemployment?) or how about people who have retired because they lost a job and can’t find another?

Yes, that is anecdotal. The thing is, I don’t trust anything out in the media anymore. If it isn’t something I can verify with my own experience and those of the people I know, I question it. And I am questioning those writers who are putting this stuff out there. They know that they are shading the truth, that unemployment figures don’t show long term unemployed. They know that much of what they put out is either an advertisement (10 top new apps for your phone!) or someone’s spin on the news. How do they live with themselves?

In some ways, that makes our profession even worse than politicians, because politicians don’t pretend they are neutral.


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