Write Every Day?

Someone shared an article on Twitter stating that you weren’t a writer unless you wrote everyday.

This article was roundly mocked. Apart from being a terrible definition of a writer, excluding as it does James Joyce, JD Salinger, Harper Lee, it makes no sense.

Do something every day and you end up exhausted and sick of it. And it was a very narrow definition of writing – sitting down and banging out a thousand words.

I also read someone once said ‘Daydreaming is writing’. Writing isn’t just getting the words on the page. It’s daydreaming. It’s jotting down notes. It’s staring out the train window thinking up plots. It’s eavesdropping on conversations in pubs. It’s research. It’s reading for fun and work. It’s editing. It’s interviewing. It’s blogging. At the core is the act of writing it down, yes, but writing is so much more than that. Without those extras, the words in your head become lumpen and dull, unable to soar, unable to express, because you have nothing in your mind but todays word count.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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