Writing Promotion Tips by Christine Duncan

I learn something every time I go to Pinterest. Unfortunately, none of it is usually what I go on there for. I get easily distracted. I always knew I could search by topic on Pinterest. I just never applied it to writing.

The other day, I searched for just that, writing. And what I got were blog type entries, by which I mean short, informative posts. It was fun. Frankly, I have a Pinterest account, but I haven’t used it in forever since as I already said above, I am easily distracted and thus have to limit my distractions and also since I can just google something and it will get me the Pinterest results.

People are actually using this for writing, telling people how to write and promote! Who knew? Well, apparently a lot of people knew because I came up with articles on How to Get Reviews Without Begging 8 tools for Advertising Your Book For Free and a bunch more.

I love getting promo tips. But I still have to figure out how to get on Pinterest and not go off on wild goose chases.


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