I Write Anyway? by Christine Duncan

If when you were in school, someone had told you that you would work for long hours, alone, and often with no encouragement for no pay, what would your response have been?

And yet as writers, that is what we do.

I try to stop writing every so often. It is an addiction like booze or chocolate. I don’t put words to paper for long periods. I don’t stop thinking about what to write though, and I am probably awful to live with.

Writing requires so many things besides spelling and grammar. It requires courage to let it all out. It requires self-confidence to show it to someone for critique, to send it out to publishers, to market it. It requires persistence to get it right and get it published. It requires coming out of your shell to sell it over and over again to your readers. All of these are great skills–marketable, real world job skills.

But we use them to write.


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