Robots Writing by Christine Duncan

I usually take a look at writing news before I sit down to write this blog. Sometimes, it sparks an idea. Occasionally it just makes me depressed. This was one of those times as much of what Google deemed writing news had to do with some computer writing the news. Seriously, it isn’t bad enough that everyone who ever graduated first grade believes they can write, and seems to want to tell me so, but now I have to compete with computers?
Not long ago, a friend was telling me how her about to graduate from High School daughter had decided to become a writer. She wanted me to tell her how to go about it. I looked at my friend in horror. “Do you really want her to become a writer,” I asked. “Do you know what the odds are that she’ll ever make enough money to support herself that way?” It turned out this particular friend had been paying attention to my whining er, thoughts about the monetary compensation. She was hoping I’d discourage her daughter.
I mean, yes, since the advent of e-books more people are being published. And that is encouraging. But how many of those people are making any money at it? And now we have to contend with robots. Sigh.


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