Blurbs by Christine Dunca

I have been one of those authors who constantly worried about blurbs. I have written them over and over again, searching for the perfect wording. But recently I started noticing my own book browsing and what attracted me, and didn’t.
You know what? It is definitely subjective.
I was in the bookstore the other day, when I rejected a book based on a blurb after only four words. They were “Jen. an aspiring actress….” That was it,folks- Four freaking words. I don’t like reading about acting. I can’t tell you why, but there it is.
Based on that observation, I went on Amazon to see what my triggers are. Turns out I was just as quick off the draw when the heroine was a hero. I want to read about women. I identify more easily. I don’t want to read about college professors either. I just can’t relate. So based on this, I am much less worried about my blurbs. Everyone has their preferences, right? I just need to write the blurb in the style of the book. Those who like that style and the female protagonist and the mystery, will read the book. I hope.


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