Stories to Soothe the Soul by Christine Duncan

It’s been a bad week, hasn’t it? The chemical attack on Idlib provence, the American bombing of Syria as a warning against such attacks, the rerouting of war ships to North Korea, life right now seems both precious and scary.
Usually, when things are tense, I can bury myself in my writing. It helps me to calm down and helps me to feel that bad as things are, there will be good days again. But sometimes, I just can’t write. Either I am not involved enough in my own projects, or my mind is just too wound, but I can’t settle enough to write anything that feels cohesive.
I’m feeling that way this week. I can’t write. I’m going to go find a good book and bury myself in it as I did when I was a kid. It won’t be anything with a bunch of tension. It will be something soothing, something… uplifting where people overcome bad times, obstacles, set backs not with super powers but with a lot of work and discipline. I need a story like that right now.


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