Writing by Hand by Christine Duncan

Michelle just wrote a post on a fool proof way to get herself writing. She uses a notebook and ink that tempt her to write.

I know for me, writing by hand is a way to jump start a project. I have read more than one article linking writing by hand to increased creativity and to calming the brain down. I like that since I tend to put writing off until I want to go to bed. My usual rule is that I have to write a page before I can sleep. Many times I’ve found that I want to go beyond that page, so I’m not too sure about calming that brain down. I tend to get a bit excited when I’m writing well.

Another jump starter for me is critique group, although I’ve found in person critique works better for me than computer (email) critique groups. I need that deadline, I think, that a critique group gives and the deadline can stretch a bit with the email groups and that is why I think it doesn’t work as well.

Still, when I combine writing by hand and critique, I usually have a proven way to keep writing. The handwritten notes have to be transcribed into the computer, which means I will smooth them out and make them better as I type them in, sort of a first edit. Then critique makes me look yet again, and they get another edit.

Sigh. I think I just talked myself into finding another critique group. It’s been a minute. And I think I need a cool notebook too.


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