I’m Not Writing Until I Get The Green Ink

I’ve had two false starts with my current book. Got as far as Chapter Two and then it’s just drifted away – mostly because I had work to do on previous book. But it’s time to have another go.

And I know a fail safe method for getting myself started. I find that the stationery has to be tempting if I need a little incentive. That’s why I rarely write the first draft on computer – a blank screen does not tempt. But a beautifully smooth page, with a luxurious cover I just want to touch, and a pen that flows across the page and has gloriously coloured ink – now that just makes me long to write.

So I have a red leather notebook that is just whispering ‘write in me’ and now I’m waiting for some green ink to be delivered – I have a fancy for this manuscript to look like the absinthe tainted outpourings of a fin-de-siecle writer (I may have been reading Dorian Grey lately) and then I’ll be tempted enough to write.

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street

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