Write an Essay, Win a House by Christine Duncan

Have you seen that meme on Facebook where they show you the cabin in an idyllic setting and ask you if you could spend 30 days there with no TV, no Wifi, no phone?
I, like many others, drool at the thought of it.
So I was excited when I saw the NY Times article telling how you could write a 200 word essay and possible win a house. There was a 149.00 entry fee but no problem, right? All I had to do was craft the perfect entry so I could tell the couple selling the house how winning this vacation cabin in the Catskills would change my life.
I had the essay half written in my head, when I read the rest of the NY times article and came down to earth. They included little details like property taxes of $11,000.00 a year (No wonder I live in Colorado. I can’t afford NY! Who knew all you folks were rich!) The article went on to talk about the income tax consequences of winning a house and I realized I couldn’t afford to be that lucky. Sigh.

But for a few minutes of dreaming, I was a full time writer. That’s exciting, isn’t it? Oh, and for those of you still dreaming, here’s the link to the Dream Home contest


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