I am appalled once again by hearing from another writer that she never reads. What??? I am not talking about someone who is afraid to read in the genre she is writing in because she doesn’t want to be influenced while she is mid-project. That one makes some sense to me, although I don’t know how to make that sacrifice. I NEED to read. But this writer told me she NEVER reads. She does not have the time. She is not the first writer to tell me this. Words fail.
Today, I finally got done the usual chores: cleaning, laundry, some bookkeeping, and I sat down to not one, but two wonderful reads. I am reading JK Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,  which I have been meaning to get to for a while.  I read somewhere that the original actors will play Harry, Hermione, and Ron when it comes to the movie theaters.  And I’m reading Lisa Jackson’s, Close to Home.  Don’t you just love Sundays?


One response to “Writers/Readers

  1. That doesn’t surprise me. Other writers told me they don’t like to read, but they like to write. It’s strange indeed, but a lot of things are strange these days.

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