My Last Post on the Election by Christine Duncan

Despite what main stream media says about the great divide among the American people I believe we are much more alike than we like to admit. From what I’ve observed on social media in the last several months most Americans are opinionated, condescending, name-callers. We Americans seems to think nothing of calling all our nearest and dearest the most nasty names we can think of for the cardinal sin of voting differently than we did.
I’m over it, folks.
I don’t believe the world is ending because Trump won (and I feel compelled to tell you all I didn’t vote for him, for fear of the names I’ll be called.)I don’t believe that you’re a bigot or an idiot if you did vote for him.
I don’t believe the world will end because Jill Stein called for a recount in three states. (Yeah, go ahead, call me those names. I did vote for her.) I don’t believe you are naive, stupid, or too young/old/decrepit to know better if you did the same.
I don’t believe you’re a corporate shill if you voted for Hillary. I don’t think you hate men either.
I also don’t believe any of the name callers are superior to any of the other name callers.
Stop ranting about Trump’s rants. Stop telling me how Stein is in it for the money. Stop showing me pictures of Hillary Clinton’s, Melania Trump’s or for that matter, Michelle Obama’s fashion fails. You can do better than that.
I thank all of you who voted. I thank all of you for caring. But it’s over. Let’s get back to some semblance of decency.


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