Media Kits, Sell Sheets and You by Christine Duncan

Back when I first was published, a media kit was a folder that included things like your bio, your book cover, interview questions, a press release and a sell sheet that you sent out in hopes of getting more media coverage. It cost to put it together, it cost to send it out and you did it anyway, because you wanted to get someone to notice your book.
Things are different now, and I want to encourage all of you to check out this wonderful post that will help you do a media kit that will help you promote your own book. About the only thing this post doesn’t help you do is put together a sell sheet. Don’t be put off by the term, all it really is, is information on your book. Here is a great article on that.

I’ve read that some people still print out a press kit folder for local marketing, say, for the library.   But all in all, this is much more cost effective than it used to be.  Thank God.


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