But That Could Never Actually Hapen – Oh, Wait, It Did

It’s been the oddest year for news. I mean really, look back at the year’s news and think to yourself, if I saw this on a TV show, or read it in a book, I’d never believe it. Maybe some parts of it on House of Cards, or The Thick of It, or Black Mirror, or some The Day Today, or some very bizarre comedy shows, but all of it? All in one year? All of it it true?

People often read or watch a story and say ‘that could never happen in real life’. I say this as I watch news coverage of a gorilla that escaped from its enclosure, it’s keeper had a quick chat with him, and the the gorilla drank 5 litres of black currant juice. In London. The centre of London. And that’s not the strangest thing that’s happened this month.

I’ve often heard life is stranger than fiction. It turns out, it’s true. It’s really, honestly, actually true. I heard news stories that wouldn’t be out of place in a spy thriller, or a sci-fi book this year. So if you want to write something odd, different, strange, and someone says it could never happen, take heart. It almost probably could. And if it did, it was this year.

And it’s not over yet. I tell you what, I cannot wait to read the books that come out of this year, fiction and non-fiction. And when, in twenty years time, people read those books, and say it’s unbelievable, I can say (in an ominous undertone, of course) ‘I was there. Believe it’

The House at Baker Street by Michelle Birkby

The Women Of Baker Street


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